Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday's Hops!

It is Monday and time to hook up with some Hops!



St Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe New Mexico

And;Canadianmom for her Motivational Mondays

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.
- Mother Teresa

I will also be linking with:  Tami Marie @ The Things We Find Inside
Another fun Hop Is;
The Things We Find Inside>


  1. What beautiful photos! I also like the ducks and kitty--the quote and verse as well! Thanks for stopping by earlier and sharing your experience of a child too far away! Darn those do-gooder kids! LOL

  2. I'm already following you, but I just noticed that cat in the side bar! I spent a good minute playing with him. Too cute!

  3. beautiful churches love the ducks too, happy mym

  4. Hey! So much to say! First of all ... no problem about the phone call. Or lack thereof. Moma just wanted to tell you about WireFoxTerrier rescue, in case you are interested. You can connect, later, if you want.

    Second. We were at one of our favorite bloggers today (George the Lad ... a welsh terrier in England) and he mentioned a site that made us think of you. It's at: They're doing a weekly (we think) scavenger hunt. George's post about it is here: . George's mom takes some amazing photos! It's like visiting England on an almost daily basis.

    Hope all is well. Are you getting any snow?

    Jake and Fergi and OurMoma (Sally)