Monday, March 14, 2011

Introducing a New Blogger!

Amber, my daughter, recently started a blog and is trying to find her way in the blog world! I remember my first few posts, wondering where I was headed and, if I found where I was headed, would I stay there!!??

Today, with my nagging encouragement, she joined Java's MMOM hop.  I invite you to visit her blog and give her some love!



I hope you have a great evening!




  1. What a good mom you are to encourage your daughter to create a blog! She now has 11 followers and I am her 11th! She will find that blogging is a fun way to express herself while also forming new cyber friendships!

  2. Of course I will trot right over :)

  3. I visited your daughter without knowing she was your daughter!! She has such a cute blog and a great sense of humor!!