Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good news!

All is good!
I had the endoscopy this afternoon and the Doc was able to start dilating my esophagus. I will have to repeat the procedure in 4-6 weeks, then hopefully that will be the end. He took a couple biopsies , which is standard, and I should have the results back by the first of next week. I had a delightful male nurse who put me at ease and was able to start my IV in one stick, which is challenging. Also, he gave me enough drugs to knock down a small horse, which I greatly appreciated.
Hubby stopped at DQ on our way home and bought me a yummy blizzae! When we got home it was dinner and he heated sone Southwestern soup,

So long for now,
Thant yours thoughts and prayers!


  1. Glad that's over with! I break out in hives whenever I go in a hospital. That's going to be very interesting should I need to go for anything!

  2. thank goodness!!! That is great news!! I am confident all will be fine! thanks for letting us know!

  3. Well, good for you. I think it was all worth it just to get the DQ. I love that stuff. All the best.

  4. so glad to hear that all went well!!

  5. I'm a little late with catching up! I'm glad that the procedure is over with now! Enjoy your soup and please take care!

  6. I am very happy that it went well. Hugs & purrs your way!

  7. Enough drugs to knock down a small horse? Hilarious, Shawn!