Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Bliss

This is a meme hosted by  Brenda@ Garden of Learning and each day she asks you to hop along and share how you are celebrating the season. This can be anything from decorating, recipes, family pictures, music or anything you would like to post about this holiday season!

Today I am still in the process of decorating the house and because of the problems we are having with the lights on the tree, this has been a very slow process. Hubby wants to wait until after Christmas to buy a new tree and I do not want to decorate a tree that may not have ANY lights in the next day or two.   So, I have been adding a few decorations, each day, around the house and I have a very special helper!
Yes Cecil, you knocked over the Christmas tree

Got to Love Him!!


  1. Oh, It looks so pretty! I'm laughing, because we have Cecil's twin sister, "Inky" - and they appear to be cut from the same cloth. She is climbing up the tree, swinging from the garlands, and getting into all of this new and fun stuff.

  2. Don't you love cats at Christmas time? They just love to be Santa's little helpers. I have to lock myself in my bedroom without any cats around when I wrap any presents. If I don't I end up with crinkled (or torn) wrapping paper and sticky tape covered in fur!

  3. Uh-oh..this is the first time in lots of years we have indoor cats!!! I forgot about all the "help" they give this time of year and these 2....we are in for trouble :)