Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thirty days of Thanks

November 19 and 20th

I missed posting yesterday so this will be a two day catch up!

Today I am thankful for My new Garmin 405 that Hubby bought me for my Birthday!

Here she is..just finished charging!
Love the green I have to figure out how to use it!
Well, guess I better get the book out because I can not figure out how to set the time and date!!

This new toy should be a lot of fun and now I can run anywhere and know the mileage from the GPS.
Yippee!!  This is definitely worth two days of Thanks!!!!


  1. concatulations on your new "toy" but please excuse my stupidity or lack of awareness but what actually IS a Garmin 405?

  2. This wonderful watch has a GPS which will enable me to run anywhere, know the mileage, elevation changes, track my heart rate, download to my computer, keep track of training runs and will actually do the run for me while I stay home, sipping a glass of wine and reading my favorite book!!!! : D

  3. That is so cool, I didn't know they had things like that...but I don't get out much!

  4. thanks so much for letting me know...I am like Brian..."I don't get out much" lol!
    I like the part that it does the running FOR YOU! :)