Friday, November 5, 2010

November, 5.....days of Thanks

Today is easy because it is Friday..that means the day that Hubby joins me for the weekend!

 I am thankful that it is Friday

You see, I live in a Condo during the work week and Hubby joins me for the weekend! Several years ago I bought a Condo, close to my workplace, so I did not have to make the commute from our primary home. On a good day, I traveled one hour, each way, and combine that with a ten to twelve hour work day and that makes for a very tired and cranky woman.  Since I do not work on Mondays, Bill and I enjoy a three day weekend then he goes back home and I stay in the city.  Then,  depending on what we have going on, determines which house we choose to stay at for the weekend. This weekend we are staying in the city!

I love Friday nights when we reconnect, have a glass of wine, make a nice dinner and talk about the week and our plans for the weekend. Usually, our weekends are packed and they seem to fly by..then it is Monday and our time together is over. For now, this system seems to work and we both look forward to the day when I retire and we can spend every day together.
Hubby with our old..old commuter!!  Thank goodness we bought a new Apple!

The picture above will be hubby in the morning.  I will take a run and he will listen to his Bluegrass music and surf the net! All our friends know not to call before noon on Saturday because Hubby will be listening to his Favorite Channel of Bluegrass!!


  1. I hope you both have the purrfect weekend!

  2. I hope you two have a lovely weekend! Hi. I am a new follower via Blog Hop! Please visit & google Friend Connect me and facebook friend me @!
    Thank-you in advance! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Oh how wonderful...I hope you two have a great weekend together!! Enjoy a glass of wine for me too! ;)


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Sounds like you are the opposite couple from my house: My husband is out running a half-marathon as I type, and I prefer to hang out and do my stuff with Bluegrass Junction on XM radio!!!
    Sounds like you two have found a good living compromise that's working. I say: Good for you!