Wednesday, October 13, 2010


After I returned from my trip to meet Wendy and her family, I started surfing the Web to learn more about the Mormon faith.  I read different articles, both pro and con, and ended up with more confusion than when I started.

During my lunch with Wendy, Amber and I quizzed her about her faith but there just was not enough time to feel like I had a handle on it. Everything felt so foreign to me. Some of the things she told me were just amazing. For instance, the leaders of her church receive a calling to lead and are not paid. Also, in her area another denomination ran out of money to finish a new church and the Mormon community rallied and helped this church with the building.  Yes, I think that is amazing.

Well, as I said, when I returned to Denver I started a nightly Web search for more information. I believe the site was where I read a sentence that offered a free Book of Mormon. Of course I signed up, gave my address and submitted my request. Guess what popped up....A Mormon Missionary will contact you to deliver your Book of Mormon.

At first I was a little nervous wondering when they would come over and what would I say.  Remember, I am a Lutheran, and we have some different beliefs.  This was the first of September and as time passed I put it out of my mind.  A couple of days ago I listened to a message on my answering machine and it was from a Missionary. Unfortunately, he did not leave his phone number.

Tonight, I was reading my Blog Hop when I heard the doorbell ring. I grabbed Cecil and ran down the stairs to answer the door. I just knew it would be one of the neighbor kids trying to sell popcorn. Boy was I surprised when I opened the door and saw two Mormon Missionaries standing there, with big smiles and my new Book of Mormon.

I invited them in ( as I was looking around counting the number of wine bottles on my kitchen bar!) Yikes!
What can I say,  it was a Good Sale at Costco!

They sat on the sofa  and of course the cats were running around and trying to get into their backpacks!
All around, pretty embarrassing!  We had a nice chat and they suggested a place in the Book to start reading and asked if I would then pray about what I had read. That was easy, I can do that! Then they want to stop back over and discuss..what I have learned. Oh My Goodness!

This will be a fascinating read.  I should also discuss this with Pastor Langewisch or Pastor Tim at some point.  I want to learn, keep an open mind and heart, and compare it to what I have been taught.  I will keep you Posted!                                                                


  1. WOW!!! I know this is so overwhelming but you take it at your own pace and if it doesn't feel right just tell them! Write down any questions you might have and they will answer the best way they can so you will understand. I am so glad that you have such an open mind and heart and just researching my religion means the world to me! Loves and Hugs

  2. Ditto what Wendy said. It is kind of refreshing that you are going into it with an open mind and heart. We were kind of worried what you might think and have pre-conceived notions of what Mormons were. The Book of Mormon is dear to my heart and brings peace in my life and I hope you can find some of that too in it.

  3. P.S. Don't be embarrased at all. Most of us don't judge people like you think we do :)