Thursday, October 28, 2010

Manicure and Pedicure Day!

I have put it off for way too long.  Today is the Day!

Two days ago but found the darlings in the same place today!
The Sun feels so Good!
See what I mean!

Wow! Way too long!
  They do not like Mani and Pedi day but they tolerate it.        

So much better!
Today they sat so still and because of that we did not get close to the quick!  For their patience and good behavior..How about a Treat!

Chloe loves her treats...
Cecil.... not so much!


  1. Your cats are much more well behaved than mine! And mine never pass up a treat either...

  2. You are such good kitties...we HATE mani/pedi day.

  3. ooops! I commented and forgot to put in the word!

    First, when did you kidnap "George The Duck?" lol!!!

    2nd, you are BRAVE! Doing Cody's nails is something I could never do! We want to make an appt with you! :)

  4. George the Duck..Cecil was hanging on pretty tight!
    When I first got my little ones they were not very we had a little conversation in which I did all the talking!

    I told them " You may win a battle, but I will win the War!". After that, I have not had any problems!! LOL!

    Come over anytime!

  5. Hi Again! Thanx for letting me know you had 2 blogs, must have missed that when I landed on your running one. Brave lady to give manni & pedis to cats! They look like sweeties though!

  6. Just stopping by from Friday Follow! I was looking at your temperature widget its cold where you are!! :>) have a good weekend!

  7. My cats are pretty good while I do their nails. I have one cat who loves treats & one who indifferent too.

    Visiting from the blog hop!

  8. Thanks for the follow, our cat came to us de-clawed. I hope you enjoy the cookies.

  9. My cats hate getting their nails done!

    Happy Friday!

  10. You are very brave and the cats are beautiful. I love your decorations..candy corn has gotten me to my 8th week of non-smoking (I want to eat your border; lol) What will I do when Halloween is over?