Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is Debbie's, my sis-in-law, birthday.  I will not say how old she is..but she IS 2 weeks older than me!  Debbie is definitely the sister that I never had.  She is a wonderful Wife (puts up with my brother), Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt and friend. Besides all of that, she is beautiful inside and out.

Mom, Ma Eve, Kevin and Debbie..such a happy day!

Debbie and Kevin raised their two children, Shawn and Autumn, and then became Foster Parents to many! Through fostering they have adopted eight children and are also raising Debbie's niece and nephew. I keep saying THEY but we know who does all the work! Debbie keeps her house spotless and you would never know there were children living there..especially that many! Let's just say, she has made Mardele and Mitch very proud!  

Debbie always has an infectious smile like the one seen above. I love to hear her laugh when she is telling a story..especially about the other Dryer Kitty!  When she was telling me that story she could hardly get the words out for all the laughing. 

Debbie would do anything for anybody and is the type of person that you want to call Friend. She has always been a very hard worker and you can tell that by the home she keeps. She enjoys decorating her house for the holidays and makes every day special for her children.

Her front porch last fall
A better view
Even the bush was decorated
Now she did all this while helping her son plan his wedding.       


Inside and out, decorations everywhere!
   Debbie is a wonderful Hostess and makes everyone that enters her home feel welcomed. She is always making snacks, great meals and yummy deserts. If you leave her house hungry, well that is your problem.  

Jenna and Sarah helping me wrap the wedding present.
Debbie has instilled a good work ethic in the children. From the beginning, the older children had to help with the younger ones. This has carried over into their daily lives. The girls, although teenagers*#!!??*,  are very willing to help out as needed. I am a very proud Aunt to all these great kiddo's.  

The little kids, minus Jenna and Sarah
These are the kids still at home. Debbie also has Shawn and his wife, Crystal who live in Texas. Autumn, with her husband Mike, live in Arizona and they have six kids. Debbie is a very proud Grandmother!                                                                            
Happy First year Anniversary to Shawn and his wife!
I looked everywhere, but I do not have a picture of Autumn and her family.  : (

Debbie, I love you and hope you have a wonderful Birthday,  may all your wishes come true!  


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  1. Its so awesome reading your feelings about Aunt Debbie!! I feel I'm getting to know her more and more!! I can't wait to meet her in a couple of short months:) I'm sure she feels the same way about you, you both sound so much alike:) Love and miss you