Friday, July 16, 2010

Bill's Side of the Family!

When we were married, nine years ago, I gained three daughters and a son. Along with this new family came TEN grandchildren. Unfortunately, we seldom see seven of these grand kids because they do not live in Colorado.

Debbie, and her daughter Whitney, are wonderful strong women. Debbie has been a single Mom for many years. Whitney is now living in Grand Junction and from FB it seems like her life is going well and she is having the time of her life! Debbie has a good job with the State of Colorado and we love, and cherish, our visits with her.

Thomas lives in Washington and is raising his three daughters. Although we have not seen them in a few years, they are always in our hearts! Meadow, Chunsi ( I always need to look up the spelling of this one..may have to edit), and Mignon are beautiful, sweet, young women and I am so proud to be their Nana Shawn. One of my favorite memories is when they were trying to teach me how to use chop sticks!!

Lisa, and her family, live in California. Luckily we were able to visit last summer after Aaron and Kelly's wedding. What a great time we had with them! Lisa is also a very strong woman. It amazes me the things she  can do: from working on a car to her new hobby making jewelry. Lenaea, her oldest daughter, is an amazing,compassionate, thoughtful woman. I have loved my visits with her in California and when she came to Colorado to visit us. Nile, the next in line, dances to the  beat of a different drummer, and we would not have it any other way! I remember being at Boulder Creek with Nile and he was walking by the creek picking up , and disposing, the trash others left behind. At the time, I marveled at how thoughtful he was.  Yma, the second daughter, is now a Teen. She is a beautiful young woman and as any teen  FB , the phone and friends are very important aspects of her life.  Mesa, the youngest, is one of the most artistic little guys I have ever met. He makes wonderful objects out of the Twisty Ties his mother "borrows" from the grocery store. It is amazing the boxes of art work that he has made.

Bill's youngest daughter, along with her husband and two children, has a home  just a few miles from us in Berthoud  but she has chosen not to be a part of our life. We have made the effort but there has been no response on her part. Sadly for us, we do not have a relatioship with these grand kids.

Well, I think that sums it up. I was so lucky to have such support from his family when we were married. They all welcomed me with open arms and I felt so much love from all of them. I love each and everyone of them. I truly am a LUCKY woman!

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